Failing 2500 Trailer-Mtd Drilling Rig

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Failing S/D Drwwks

Failing 61'4" Modified Mast

Crown Block with (3) Sheaves

7/8" Line

Failing M-300 2-Sheave Block

(2) 3-Stage Raising Cyls

3"ID Rotary Hose

3-1/2" Standpipe

Hydraulically Powered Wireline Measuring Device

Martin-Decker Clipper Weight Indicator

9'H x 8'W x 11'L Built-On Sub

Howard Turner 18" Rotary Table

V-Door Ramp

All Mtd on Failing 3-Axle Trailer

(4) Hydraulic Leveling Jacks

12R22.5 Tires

Dayton Wheels

4'H x 8'W x 42'L Catwalk/Pipe box Combo with Rathole

(2) 44"h x 28'L Triangular Pipe Rack

National OilWell A-600-PT Triplex Pump, S/N-P21062

Forged Steel Fluid End

Continental-Emsco PD-53 Pulsation Dampener

5"x6" Charge Pump p/b

Detroit Series 60 Diesel Eng with Electric Starter, Radiator, Gauges

Belt Drive Assembly

Gear Reducer

Mtd in 12'W x 30'L Building with Heater Cabinets


BBC 150 KW Gen p/b CAT 3306PC Diesel Eng S/N-66D34286 with Elec Starter, Radiator, Gauges, skidded

PD Type 601 120-Gal 5-Station Closing Unit SN-353

CAT Triplex Charge Pump p/b 15 HP Elec Motor

(8) 15-Gal Accumulator Bottles

Mtd in 12'W x 42'L Ulitliy House with Change room, lockers, bench storage, 4-compartment lubester, skidded

8'W x 14'L Combo Driller's Doghouse with Knowledge Box, Lockers, Bench Storage, Heater, 5-Station Remote Closing Unit

10'W x 8'H x 20'L Water Tank & 12'L Parts Room with Work Bench, 2" x 3" Circulating Pump


Hydril GK-6-900 Annualr Blowout Preventer

(2) Townsend 7-1/16" 3000# Sgl Blowout Preventers,

15"H 3000# Spool with (2) 3" Outlets

Mud tank available

Boiler available